Common Questions


Why should I use a caretaking service?
Our passion is offering reliability, consistency, and accountability with our professional, insured and bonded services. We have a rigorous security protocol to protect your property and personal information, including screening team members for past criminal convictions and signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for our clients.
Are you able to receive mail and deliveries on my behalf while I am away?
Mail and packages delivered to your home are collected during each routine visit and handled per your direction.
Are concierge services included in my monthly fee for property caretaking services?
Generally, the concierge services to coordinate and reserve any meal or event, freshen your home for your arrival or to secure your home after departure, are included in your standard monthly fee and done at the time of your routine checklist visit. Any additional services that requires time and labor are billed on a straight hourly rate plus expenses.
If I am arriving prior to a holiday, can you assist with decorating our home?
Happily. Our attentive team will work with you to make sure everything is in place the moment you arrive for an unforgettable holiday.
What pet services do you offer?
We have several responsible, professional pet sitters and caretakers in our contacts that provide services including pet sitting, walking or boarding. Call us to discuss your specific needs and we will identify the best solution.
Can you take care of all the bills and expenses related to my home?
We personalize your services based on your preferences. We can handle everything, including services and utilities, and bill you on one monthly bill, or we can handle individual payments
If you notice anything requiring repair at my home, what do you do?
Our team regularly inspects your home for anything that requires attention before it turns into a problem. If we notice something requiring repair, we will document it with photo or video and discuss options you may wish to consider. If you would like for us to identify a contractor to perform the repair, we can do so; or we can use one of your preferred service professionals and send you a report once the repairs are complete. Similarly, if you arrange to have any work done on your home, such as a renovation, we can provide project management services to keep you informed of the progress.
Will you provide the same concierge services for friends or family that are arriving ahead of us or without us?
Of course. We will provide the same level of attentiveness and service to your guests using your home as well. We do not provide property caretaking or concierge services to homes in the vacation rental market (or their guests); however, guests in your personal home are entitled to the same services as the homeowner.

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